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Community Blog: Christmas in Wekweetì!

Community Blog: Christmas in Wekweetì!

- Written by Zia Costa, Community Manager of Wekweetì

Christmas in Wekweetì

Photo of TRO Staff2020 is coming to an end and the landscape in Canada has forever changed due to Covid-19. The community of Wekweetì has thus far been blessed and has not felt the full impact of this virus.

Christmas is a time to reflect and to remind us of what is the most important aspect of our lives, and that is family. In many ways, Wekweetì is just one big family.  The Tłı̨chǫ  Government is spreading good cheer in donating each of the households here in Wekweetì with a beautiful hamper full of many wonderful foods to support Christmas dinners at home in acknowledgment of the mantra “stay home and stay safe”. After being provided with their grocery food hamper request, we got straight to work like Santa’s little elves in fulfilling their wish list.

It is with pride that I recognize my young staff becoming leaders within the Photo of Wekweeti Hampercommunity and setting a great example for those to follow; that in the spirit of giving at Christmas they gave of their time freely to help build the hampers for the community.  To Logan, Brittney, Lydia, Kyla, and Alysia! I would like to also acknowledge the extra efforts put in by the Air Tindi crew; not only here in Wekweetì  but as well as in Yellowknife.  The volume of freight has increased substantially, and we sometimes forget all the heavy lifting that they must do.  To Johnny and Darcy, moving freight between multiple locations. To George and Vincent for distributing the hampers.

Photo of TRO StaffOn a personal note, Darcy and I wanted to donate with the hampers in our thanks to the community for allowing us to become part of their family over the past year.  We put together gift bags for all the children, the babies, the dogs, and last but not least the one little cat in town: Ninja.


Happy Holidays from the staff here in Wekweetì!