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Priscilla Bekale

Community Operations Manager - Gamètì

Mailyn Defiesta

Senior Finance Officer - (Payroll)

Tyler Delouw

Parts & Service Manager

Paige Drybones

Human Resources Officer

Paul Gourlay

Senior Project Manager

Justin Grandjambe

Manager, Tlicho Highway Operations

Stephen Hooey

Vice President, Operations

Sarah Hunt

Vice President, Human Resources and Communication

Katrina Jeremick'ca

Manager, Recruitment and Benefits

Frank Jessome

Community Operations Manager - Wekweetì

Tejas Kashyap

Director, Business Development & Partnerships

Gaurav Kaushish

Vice President, Engineering & Construction

Sheila Lamouelle-Zoe

Operations Superintendent

Raymon Mansour

Director, Property Management & Real Estate

Deanna Marion

Manager, Labour Services

Betty Anne Nickerson

Vice President, Community Operations & Labour Services

Marie Nickerson

Labour Management Administrator

Darren Robertson

Senior Manager

Tiffany Saungweme

Senior Human Resources Officer

Rob Selby

Project Manager

Sapan Seth

Chief Financial Officer

Samantha Stuart

Director of Tourism

Garry Tkachuk

Director, Safety & Security

Kim Tucker

Community Operations Manager - Whatì

Christy Willah

Manager, Employee Relations and Engagement

Joseph Zoe-Martin

Social Media/Marketing Coordinator