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Priscilla Bekale

Gamètì Community Operations Manager Trainee

Mark Brajer

Chief Executive Officer

Greg Coombs

Wekweetì Community Operations Manager

Mailyn Defiesta

Senior Finance Officer - (Payroll)

Tyler Delouw

Parts & Service Manager

Paige Drybones

Human Resources Officer

Paul Gourlay

Senior Project Manager

Sarah Hunt

Vice President, Corporate Human Resources, Administration & Communication

Katrina Jeremick'ca

Manager, Recruitment and Benefits

Tejas Kashyap

Director, Continuous Improvement

Gaurav Kaushish

Vice President, Engineering & Construction

Fauna Kingdon

Chief Financial Officer

Sheila Lamouelle-Zoe

Property Management Coordinator/Assistant

Raymon Mansour

Property Manager

Deanna Marion

Labour Management Officer

Betty Anne Nickerson

Director of Site Services and Labour Management

Marie Nickerson

Labour Management Administrator

Darren Robertson

Asset/Fleet Manager

Rob Selby

Project Manager

Sapan Seth

Director of Finance/Controller

Tracey Simpson

Community Operations Leader

Garry Tkachuk

Senior Manager, Corporate Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE)

Christy Willah

Manager, Employee Relations and Engagement