Tłı̨ Chǫ Logistics Inc.

Tłı̨ Chǫ Logistics Inc. (TCL) was formed as a partnership in 1999 between the now Tłı Chǫ Investment Corporation and Atco Frontec. Atco Frontec was bought out in 2005, leaving TCL a wholly-owned by Tłı̨chǫ Investment Corporation.

Tłı̨ Chǫ Logistics is a Labour Management provider to many different types of industries. Tłı̨ Chǫ Logistics prides itself in our ability to adapt to our many clients changing needs and maintain strong and open communication with both employee and clients. We value our Core beliefs in hiring strong personnel to represent themselves and our company.

Tłı̨ Chǫ Logistics offers plenty of positions in the mine sites such as certified blasters/drillers, employee relation officers, labourers, heavy equipment operators & many more. To see current opportunities with TCL & Group please visit our employment opportunities section.

Currently, the company has grown to over 200 employees and works at three diamond mine sites:

  • Diavik Diamond Mine, NT

  • Dominion Diamond’s Ekati Diamond Mine, NT

  • De Beers Gahcho Kue, NT


Tłı̨ Chǫ Logistics is currently doing the surface mining A21 project at Diavik Diamond Mine which employs over 100 individuals. A21 is a 5-year project that we won in 2016.


JOINT VENTURES - TCL 62 Degrees North

Tłı̨ Chǫ Logistics is proud to announce our joint ventures with 62 Degrees North Inc, a leading medical services provider. 62 DN is excited to partner with this industry leader to improve occupational medical services in the north while supporting sustainable economic development.

Matt Vincent (CEO, 62 Degrees North) states their first venture as partners will be the TCL - 62 Degrees North Clinic, an occupational health services clinic. The clinic will provide a comprehensive range of occupational health services to support industry requirements and will primarily serve mining, construction, and support companies.