Tłı̨chǫ Property & Rental Companies

TIC & Group of Companies own plenty of properties, buildings & units throughout the Tłı̨chǫ Region. Below is a list of companies that handle the property & rental businesses.

DLFN Holdings Ltd.

DLFN provides commercial and residential construction services and property management in Wekweètì. In partnership with Tłı˛cho Domco Inc, it provides camp housekeeping and catering services to BHP Billiton. It was incorporated August 1, 1997.

Rae Band Construction Ltd. (RBC)

Rae Band Construction provides residential and commercial leased properties in the Tłı˛cho˛ region. Buildings include: three six-plex apartment buildings (Behchokò), six single dwelling residential units (Behchokò) and Tłı˛cho˛ Government Building office (Behchokò).

Rae-Edzo Dene Band Development Corp. (REDBDC)

The company owns and rents commercial property. It was incorporated in 1979. It currently manages the following buildings: Mary Adele Bishop Health Centre, nurse’s complex, Nishi Khon complex, Charlie Charlo Centre (Big Knife Building), Trappers Hideaway, Tłı̨chǫ Motel (Behchoko) and the Northern Store.

Charlie Charlo Centre Boardroom Rentals Contact #: 867-392-6039

Location: Behchoko, NT