Tłı̨chǫ Retail Stores

Tłı̨chǫ Investment Corporation owns a series of general stores in the Tłı̨chǫ Region such as Gameti, Wekweeti & Whati.


Rae Lakes (Gamètì) Store


This company operates as the only general store in Gamètì. It also provides some financial services and recently began operating the local post office. RLGS is the longest operating Tłıcho˛ business. Operations began in 1968 under the ownership of Arny Steinwand and became a GNWT project in 1972. The store was incorporated by the GNWT’s BDIC on October 14, 1992, and sold to the Tłı˛cho Investment Corporation on January 11, 2010.

Contact #: (867) 997 - 3281

Hozila Naedik’e Ltd.

Store 7.jpg

Hozila Naedik'e Ltd. operates as a general store, including the post office, and provides some banking services such as ATM and Cheque Cashing. It was incorporated June 28, 1983 . It is located in Wekweeti, NT.

Contact #: (867) 713 - 2205

Wha Tì Ko Gha K’aode Ltd. (Whati Store)

Whati Store 1.jpg

This company operates as Whatì Community Store (WCS), the only grocery store in Whatì, and offers services of a general store, some banking functions and the community post office. The store currently has one unit available for B & B services. It was incorporated December 19, 2000.

Contact #: (867) 573 - 3510


For any general inquiries, please contact TIC's main corporate office by phone at (867) 766-4909 or email info@tlichoic.com.