Tłı̨chǫ Logistics Inc.

Tłı̨chǫ Logistics Inc. (TCL) was formed as a partnership in 1999 between the now Tłıcho˛ Investment Corporation and Atco Frontec. TCL was incorporated to provide site services and maintenance coverage as an evergreen contractor for Diavik Diamond Mine. Currently, the company has grown to over 250 employees and works at three mines:

  • Diavik Diamond Mine, NT
  • Dominion Diamond’s Ekati Diamond Mine, NT
  • De Beers Snap Lake Mine, NT

TCL is poised to take on projects at De Beers’ new Gahcho Kue site and Fortune Minerals’ NICO site in the very near future.

TCL’s operations have grown to include services in civil, electrical and mechanical construction, maintenance services, bulk cement supply and transportation, site/mine services, care and maintenance services, and bulk fuel supply and transportation in partnership with Ventures West .

Atco Frontec was bought out in 2005, leaving TCL a wholly-owned Tłı˛cho˛ company.

Wekweètì Development Corp. Ltd. (WDC)

The corporation provides management support to its subsidiaries – DLFN Holdings, Hozila Naedik’e and 5352 NWT Ltd. It provides fuel dispensing services in Wekweètì, operates an airport shuttle and freight handling service, and holds the Northlands Utilities service contract. WDC was initially incorporated December 9, 1992, as Snare Lake Development Corporation.

Hozila Naedik’e Ltd.

This company operates as a general store, including the post office, and provides some banking services. It was incorporated June 28, 1983 .

5352 NWT Ltd.(Operating as Snare Lake Lodge)

5352 NWT Ltd. operates as Snare Lake Lodge (SLL), providing accommodations and meal services to visitors to Wekweètì. All preferred shares are held by NWT Business Development and Investment Corporation, and common shares are owned by Wekwètì Development Corporation. Opportunities include acquiring  the preferred shares from NWT Business Development and Investment  Corporation.

The company has been operating since 1994 and was incorporated February 12, 2004.

DLFN Holdings Ltd.

DLFN provides commercial and residential construction services and property management in Wekweètì. In partnership with Tłı˛cho˛ Domco Inc., it provides camp housekeeping and catering services to BHP Billiton . It was incorporated August 1, 1997 .

Wha Tì Ko Gha K’aode Ltd.

This company operates as Whatì Community Store (WCS), the only grocery store in Whatì, and offers services of a general store, some banking functions and the community post office. The store currently has one unit available for B & B services. It was incorporated December 19, 2000.

Gamètì Development Corp. Ltd.

GDC provides accommodations and food services through the Gamètì Motel. The Development Corporation also provides fuel dispensing services and operates the local bottle depot. It was incorporated July 29, 1987 .


Lac La Martre Development Corp. Ltd.

LLMDC provides commercial and residential construction services and maintenance in Whatì, Gamètì and Wekweètì. It also provides fuel dispensing services, heavy equipment rentals and winter road construction, and maintains a portfolio of commercial and residential property rentals. In addition, it provides some B & B services. It was incorporated January 24, 1991.

Rae Lakes General Store Ltd.

This company operates as the only general store in Gamètì. It also provides some financial services and recently began operating the local post office. RLGS is the longest operating Tłıcho˛ business. Operations began in 1968 under the ownership of Arny Steinwand and became a GNWT project in 1972. The store was incorporated by the GNWT’s BDIC on October 14, 1992, and sold to the Tłı˛cho˛ Investment Corporation on January 11, 2010.

Rae-Edzo Dene Band Development Corp.

The company owns and rents commercial property. It was incorporated in 1979. It currently manages the following buildings: Mary Adele Bishop Health Centre, nurse’s complex, Nishi Khon complex, Charlie Charlo Centre (Big Knife Building), Trappers Hideaway, Tłı˛cho˛ Motel and the Northern Store.

Rae Band Construction Ltd.

Rae Band Construction provides residential and commercial leased properties in the Tłı˛cho˛ region. Buildings include: three six-plex apartment buildings (Behchokò˛ ), six single dwelling residential units (Behchokò˛ ) and Tłı˛cho˛ Government Building office (Behchokò˛ ).

Tłı̨chǫ Construction Ltd

The company was incorporated in April 2006 to provide residential and commercial construction services in the Tłıcho˛ region.

Recent construction projects include: airport terminal in Edzo, youth centre in Edzo, West Channel Bridge, six residential units, Arbor upgrade at North Arm park and the new Tłı˛cho˛ Construction office and shop in Behchokò˛ .

Current projects include: Tłı˛cho˛ Government Presence Office in Whatì, Senior Extended Care facility in Behchokò˛ and three NWT Housing Corporation duplexes .

Tłı̨chǫ Construction is located out of Behchoko, NT.

Behcho K˛ò Development Corp.

Behcho Kò˛ Development Corp. owns Tłı̨chǫ, Logistics, Tłı̨chǫ˛ Construction, Tłı˛cho˛ Road Constructors and Rae Band Construction.

It also participates in a joint venture with Tłıcho˛ Explosives Ltd., which is a supplier of explosive management systems, products and related services to support the growing requirements of surface and underground mining, exploration, quarrying, pipeline and construction industries .

Dogrib Power Corp.

The Tłı˛cho˛ established the first 100% Aboriginal-owned hydroelectric development in Canada, with the development of Snare-Cascades Project. The agreement with the NWT Power Corporation was to construct, own and lease back for 65 years a 4.3 MW hydroelectric facility on the Snare River. The financing will be paid off in full by 2024 and the revenue will continue until 2056.

Tłı̨chǫ Engineering and Environmental Services Ltd.

Tłıcho˛ Engineering and Environmental Services Ltd. (TEES) began operations in 2009 and is under the ownership of Tłıcho˛ Investment Corporation. TEES offers services in the engineering and environmental field, but is specifically geared towards federal contaminated site remediation projects. TEES most recently completed the Tłı˛cho˛ region clean-up projects with Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, and Public Works Government Services Canada.

Tłı̨chǫ Road Constructors Ltd.

Tłıcho˛  Road Constructors provides winter road construction to the Tłıcho˛  communities of Whatì, Gamètì and Wekweètì. Tłıcho˛ Road Constructors just finished a five-year contract with the GNWT Department of Transportation to construct the winter road to Whatì and Gamètì. We are currently in negotiations for another five-year program. The winter road to Wekweètì is a yearly contract due to allocation of funding by the NWT government. The 2012, winter roads to the Tłı˛cho˛ communities were constructed with the participation of the Lac La Martre Development Corporation and the Community Government of Wekweètì.

Aboriginal Engineering Ltd.

Aboriginal Engineering Ltd. (AEL) offers technical, professional and logistical experience in executing northern construction and remediation projects and typically maintains 85% Aboriginal employment during project work. AEL has been focusing on large-scale remediation projects in recent years. AEL has completed large construction survey projects, including the construction of Diavik Diamond Mine and the construction of the De Beers Snap Lake diamond mine. AEL has completed large-scale quality control, including the construction of A154 dike at Diavik. It has also completed environmental remediation and reclamation projects at Port Radium, Tundra Mine, Discovery Mine, Colomac Mine and Victoria Island. Remediation projects consist of work in demolition of buildings, HAZMAT clean up, hydrocarbon soil clean up, capping mine openings, contaminated water treatment, re-vegetation and construction . Training has been a part of each large-scale AEL project. In addition, AEL has a partnership with Taiga Environment Laboratory to train interested northern participants as laboratory technicians .

Tłı̨chǫ Learning and Development Centre

The Tłıcho˛  Learning and Development Centre was created in January 2012, resulting from the merger of Nishi Khon Freeway Inc. and Nishi Khon Forestry Services Ltd. It provides specialized training and development services to Tłıcho˛  citizens.