Our Team

The administrative staff of the Tłı̨chǫ Investment Corporation (TIC) & Group of Companies oversees operations and supports the Board of Directors. Please note that not everyone is located in our main corporate office, if you have any questions or require additional information please contact us.

TIC Executives:

Mark Brajer

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Brajer is responsible for overseeing daily operations of the Tłı̨chǫ Investment Corporation and its subsidiary companies and joint ventures. Mark joined TIC in December 2017, and is a licensed engineer in NT, NU, BC and ON. He has 25+ years of experience working across North America managing many operations and functional areas. Mark reports to the CEO and the Board of Directors on a regular basis.

Zakar Hovhannisyan

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Hovhannisyan is responsible for ensuring the timely preparation and accuracy of all financial statements and all other financial reporting requirements. He provides advice on the financial impacts of proposed contracts and new ventures. He is required to report his findings to the Board of Directors on a regular basis.


Lydiah Rabesca

Executive Administrator


 Receptionist/travel Administrator

Human Resources:

Sarah Hunt

Director, Human resources, training & Development

Katrina Jeremick'ca

Sr. Human Resources Officer


Sr. Human Resources Officer

Valerie Chocolate

Human Resources officer

Genevieve Bekale

Jr. Human Resources Officer


Tian Du

Director of Finance/Controller

Samvel Sedrakyan

Project Accountant

Mailyn Defiesta

Payroll/Finance Officer

Lucy Rabesca

Sr. Payroll Officer (TCL)

Mary Currie

Finance Officer

Elizabeth MacPherson

Finance Officer

Swagato Mitra

Intermediate Finance OFFICER

Julieta Baziyan

Intermediate Finance OFFICER

Navdeep Singh

Jr. Finance Officer

Information Technology:

Dan Xu

IT Support Technician

Health, Safety & Environment:

Garry Tkachuk


Charles Auger

Safety Officer/Advisor

Retail Operations:

Tsi'a Joseph Zoe-Martin

Community Retail operations coordinator


Wekweeti store - store manager

Crystal Bekale

gameti store - store manager


Whati store - store manager

Property Investment:

Kevin Niptanatiak

Property Manager

Hospitality Operations:


Snare lake lodge - Hotel manager

Johnathan Vandel

whati motel - Hotel manager

Sheila Lamouelle-Zoe

Behchoko motel - Hotel manager

Community Development Corps:

George Nitsiza

lac la matre dev corp - manager


Wekweeti Dev corp - motel/store manager

Tłı̨ Chǫ Logistics (TCL):

Betty Anne Nickerson

Director, site services & Labour management

Deanna Marion

Labour Management officer

Tłı̨ Chǫ Construction (TCC):

Jim Golchert

director, community operations & Construction

Paul Gourlay

senior project manager

Rene Baumgarten

Construction foreman

Aiden Breen


Sheila Lamouelle-Zoe

Office manager

Betty Ann Michel



Ronald Pankratz

director, environmental, engineering & equipment

Christopher Babkirk


Michael Weibel

Asset/fleet AEL/TEL manager

Tłı̨chǫ Landtran Transport (TCLT):

Nelton Barbosa

South - Operations manager

Julie Baylon

AR/Billing clerk

Dennis Gutierrez

Freight & Logistics Coordinator

Raquelito Yatco

Freight & Logistics Coordinator

Cameron Geiger

logistics coordinator

Ventures West Transport (VWT):

Ian Barton

business development manager

David Settle

Director of land transportation

VWT Finance/Administration:

Kathy Svanda

Billing manager

Kim Turner

Accounts payable clerk

Joanne Gautreau

receptionist/billing clerk

VWT Human Resources:

Jeanine Button

interim human resources manager

Justin Shapitka

jr. Human resources officer