COO Blog #2 March 15, 2018

The COO Blog … March 15th, 2018

Winter Road … Lots of Traffic!

It has been an exciting winter for the Tłıc̨ hǫ Investment Corporation! As we speed through the last couple of weeks of the winter road season for delivery to the diamond mines, we are approaching 5,000 loads moving north from Yellowknife thus far. After the start of the season, and a road shutdown of six days for winter storms rolling through, the teams have done an excellent job of keeping things positive with our customers and deliveries. The ice has been very thick this year, so we were able to move to full loads quickly, and the storms did not hurt us too much.

Jasper and I were able to get out to see our customer Diavik at the mine site, visit the new A21 mine, and meet with members of our team and the Diavik management team and President as well! It was quite a site to see a mine at the very early stages, before it has gone too low, and the de-watering has just completed. I will be visiting our customers every quarter, and meeting with our teams as well. It is important we stay in front of the projects.


I was able to make a winter road trip to Gamèti to visit our hotel and retail store and allow me think strategically about what we need to do to help the community and improve our operations out there. It was a wonderful driving day, and the view from the hotel of the beautiful lake was amazing. Our staff in both locations is remarkable and was very happy to welcome us! They met with me to express their concerns about the facilities and how issues could be improved. We still have our major freight deliveries to the communities which will happen over the next two or three weeks, as soon as we are given the go-ahead to use the roads for heavy loads by the GNWT DOT! I’ll be going out toWekweètì soon … and I can’t wait!


The Tłıc̨ hǫ All-Season Road Project is going through the bidding process with the GNWT. Tlicho Road Construction are working with various companies as the

Tłıc̨ hǫ Investment Corporation will have be providing several types of resources.

The new road will begin construction in 2019 and is expected to generate some excellent opportunities for the

Tłıc̨ hǫ people, especially those living in Whatì!

We have started our Asset Maintenance and Utilization project for our light and heavy equipment through one of our engineering companies, Aboriginal Engineering Limited. This plan is intended to better utilize all our resources, throughout the year. It is a massive project in 2018, and it is just getting off the ground. We will be also starting a similar project with our land transportation companies Ventures West and Tlicho Land Trans.

The six-bay garage in Behchokǫ is to be completed in May. There are several new projects being discussed and assembled by Tlicho Construction.

Internally, we are working on training with the teams, to ensure everyone can use our systems more effectively. The process has started to find a Human Capital Management system led by the HR team in Yellowknife and Fort Saskatchewan. This is meant to assist in recruiting, managing, and retaining our

vast people resources. While we do this, we are reviewing and improving policies to make many matters more easily handled by the managers and team mates with consistency and fairness.

The management team is working to help us continuously improve as we move forward. We have identified many areas of need and intend to implement those changes during the spring and summer months to ensure an even smoother winter road season in 2019! You may see some new opportunities arise as well, as we continue to re-align and build for the future!

I look forward to continuing to provide you more updates as we progress through this year! As always … if you have any questions, my team and myself are there for you!

Masi Cho!