COO Blog #3 April 15, 2018

Winter Road … Done our Deliveries!


As the temperature starts to rise, and the snow and ice are melting, the scenery is changing, as is the focus of the organization. All our winter customer deliveries are completed for the Tłı̨chǫ Investment Corporation! It has been an exciting winter, and we have done well to meet our expectations. Over 7,000 loads of fuel and freight moved, an excellent safety record, and plenty of successes. The construction and maintenance of the diamond mine road remained strong.

During this time, I have had many discussions with our team in Fort Saskatchewan, our drivers, contractors, customers … just about everyone involved with moving items from the supplier to the destination at the mines. We have a great number of lessons learned, and we are planning to implement to make WR 2019 a great success!

Closer to home … The Nishi Khon Forestry testing was completed in the communities over the past month, and this unit is ready to go in need of emergency. Our mobile assets are being categorized and are in preparation for the spring and summer maintenance schedule attainment, as well as utilization plans. You will see a great amount of work being done in the Nishi Khon yard this summer. The team is collaborating to improve our readiness, and ability to react to potential customer needs … short-term and long-term.


Meanwhile, I was able to make it out to Wekweètì. It was a spectacular drive across the winter road, and some of the nicest scenery I have ever seen. As with all the community winter roads, it was opened ahead of schedule! The drive was spectacular, as was the beautiful view of the sunrise from Snare Lake Lodge. The lake was amazing as were the foothills surrounding the community. It was also great to spend some time with Chief Charlie Football, and the community government. I am excited to go back in summer!

word-image (1).png

The progress on the Tłıc̨ hǫ All Season Road bidding has been ongoing. It has been a lot of preparation as we work with the three companies who have won the right to place the final bid. We have meetings within the community soon, to provide updates, as well start to recruit for potential positions, and apprenticeship programs. The three proponents are working hard to prepare their final proposals, which means we are also working hard to complete requests for information. It is exciting to think that the road to Whati will be accessible all year round … just a few years into the future. It will open so much more for the region.


Our internal initiatives which we planned to start after the winter road are well underway, and the team is working hard to improve our equipment, our people, and our results. We have a lot of work in front of us, as we close the fiscal year, and prepare for the gathering in early July. Many steps to take, yet they are all in the name of progress.

I am looking forward to the summer season, and the midnight sun! At TIC we have a lot of work in front of us this summer, in the communities, on the roads, in the office, and preparing for next winter … to make it the best season ever.

Masi Cho!