Backup Heavy Equipment Operators


Purpose of the Position

The Heavy Equipment Operator is responsible for operating heavy equipment in a safe and effective manner.  This is a ‘Critical Path’ employment position and is vital to TCL’s operations.



Reporting to the Mine Support Supervisors, the Heavy Equipment Operator will operate surface mining heavy equipment; contributing to efficient production and mine site operation.  The heavy equipment operated will depend on the level the incumbent occupies (HEO 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5), as outlined under Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities.  



The Heavy Equipment Operator is responsible for the safe, efficient and effective operation of the equipment under their control at the mine site.



1.    Operate heavy equipment in a safe and effective manner to maximize production and minimize the risk of injury, property damage, or loss of life.

·      Operate all heavy equipment safely and efficiently according to relevant legislation, policies, and procedures;

·      Perform daily safety and maintenance checks, identifying any noted deficiencies and advising Supervisor and maintenance of any requirements for maintenance and repairs;

·      Keep equipment clean and tidy as required, including removing personal belongings and trash from cab and wiping up spills, etc.;

·      Ensure heavy equipment is safely and securely stored/parked when not in operation;

·      Participate in routine maintenance;

·      Practice workplace safety.


2.    General employment responsibilities.

·      Accurate and thorough completion of time sheets as required;

·      Accurate and thorough completion of daily equipment check reports for all equipment operated;

·      Participate in company/site safety programs by attending safety meetings and reporting all near misses, incidents, and accidents to your Supervisor in a timely fashion;

·      Perform other duties contributing to the team environment as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

·         Knowledge of equipment safety

·         Knowledge of the NWT Mine Safety Act and Regulations;

·         Strong knowledge, skills and ability to operate required equipment as outlined below in a safe and responsible manner;

·         Knowledge of equipment maintenance and storage;

·         Knowledge of surface mining techniques and requirements;

·         Knowledge of job site traffic flows;


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (cont’d)

·         Knowledge of workplace safety requirements and procedures;

·         Knowledge of equipment cleaning standards and procedures;

·         Excellent team work skills;

·         Ability to work independently and take direction;

·         Analytical and problem solving skills;

·         Decision making skills;

·         Effective verbal and listening communication skills;

·         Ability to read, write, record, report, and maintain daily records;

·         Effective stress and time management skills;

·         Ability to demonstrate sound work ethics and professionalism;

·         Ability to deal with co-workers, contractors, supervisors, managers, and others with whom the incumbent works with, in a positive, courteous, and respectful manner;

·         Possess cultural awareness and sensitivity.

·         Equipment operation skills and experience as follows:

HEO4 (785 Haul Truck, D6 Dozer)

Operates site services vehicles such as water/sewer trucks, 3/4Tonne and larger site vehicles, vans and buses and including shuttle buses and entry level haul trucks;


HEO3 (830 Haul Truck, 16H Grader, D10 Dozer)

May operate site services vehicles (HEO4) and operates haul trucks and/or graders, loaders and other support equipment;


HEO2 (Blaster, Driller, EX1200 Excavator, EX1900 Excavator) 

May operate site services vehicles (HEO4), support equipment and haul trucks (HEO3) and large dozers, loaders, graders and medium capacity excavators, etc.


HEO1 (EX2600 Excavator, Multi Op)

May operate site services vehicles (HEO4), support equipment and haul trucks (HEO3 & HEO2) and demonstrate competence on production loading tools.


The minimum requirements for each position is 500 hours on the exact piece of equipment listed or its equivalent. (I.E 500 hours on the Komatsu 375 Dozer instead of the Cat D10 Dozer) 

You must have a Class 5 Driver's license or Higher

And you'll need to be able to pass a Security + Medical examination.

For Security, here's a list of convictions that will NOT be cleared:

  1. Assault with a Weapon/Causing Bodily Harm
  2. Sexual Assault
  3. Drug Trafficking
  4. Any charges within a current Year

If you do have these convictions we would recommend getting a pardon, if you do have a pardon please provide us with a copy. As you may be able to get cleared.

for the Medical Examination you'll need to be able to pass a drug & alcohol examination as well as a full Fitness Examination.


You can apply by filling out this form or sending us your coverletter/resume to